Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss & Co.

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Principais Atividades:

Lead Brand Environment Team and optimize the timing with: Presentations, spreadsheets, manage samples, contact vendors and support with doubts/needs; presentations: weekly report and interface - Mexico HUB and SFO team; campaigns and Seasonal Calendar – Interface with AD Agency - Organize Windows executions per month, organize all reports together to report to Mexico HUB and SFO team; develop Guides and Reginal Orientation Guides for franchisee stores; translate (Portuguese): Global guides, Hybrid Rigs, Owner´s Manuals and Guide´s directions; spreadsheets: lead the BE team to manage vendors, openings and remodeling’s and special projects; full Budget control; manage samples: Lead BE + SD team to manage Global/ Local; samples for Store projects, navigation, windows, decor package or any other needs in all channels; lead BE + SD team to coordinate/prospect future vendors to optimize and guarantee the right implementation x timing x budget; lead BE with local payments for: Training, Prototypes, Samples or any other financial needs; help to development seasonal campaign commercial calendar - Graphics adaptations, based on Global Directive; manage VM collateral distribution with local vendors (window banners, POS images); interface with the account advertise agency


At least 5 years’ experience in Visual Merchandising; knowledge in Visual Merchandising for Apparel (fashion, trends); knowledge of Store Design, focus in retail environment and Concepts; ability to manage multiple projects at the same time; hands-on; great negotiation skills, both with internal and external clients; innovative and developed skills for creative solutions in costs reduction production; strongly oriented for sales results; graduation in Marketing, Architecture or Advertising; fluent in English